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Global tank levels. Subsea Ethernet. Broadband satellite for the oilfield. Managed comms for drillers.

Orange Business Services has provided worldwide connectivity to Sensile Technologies’ remote monitoring services, Netris and GasLink. These monitor oil and propane tanks and meters in the oil and gas industry. Sensile currently monitors some 60,000 tanks across 60 countries. The deal brings 3G/4G coverage with an initial deployment of 25,000 SIM cards.

Siemens’ ‘Advanced converter and switch,’ (ACS) subsea Ethernet communications system claims higher data rates over greater distances than current electrical connections. The ACS has demonstrated communication up to 84 km at 3000 meters water depth.

EMC is to provide broadband satellite communications services to Schlumberger in a multi-year contract. The deal covers equipment, global bandwidth, services and support for seismic vessels and service vessels. EMC’s ‘multiprotocol label switching’ platform, C- and Ku-band antennas and automatic beam switching technology.

Harris CapRock is to install its CapRock One system on driller Transocean’s fleet. The multi-year contract renewal provides satellite communications services to current vessels and pending new builds.

Intellian’s 2.4 meter product line will provide C-band VSAT communications to the ‘next generation’ Petronas new floating LNG vessel.

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