Schneider Electric security for remote facilities

AccessXpert, co-developed with Mercury and Feenics, an open security add-on to SmartStruxure.

Schneider Electric has announced AccessXpert, a web-based security management solution that uses the cloud to provide facility owners and security personnel with remote access to video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control systems.

AccessXpert was developed in collaboration with Mercury Security and Feenics. Mercury’s ‘open’ hardware platforms provides standardized integration to third-party security devices such as door hardware or intrusion detection. Feenics access control software enabled the move into the cloud.

The solution is capable of operating in situations of limited connectivity such as remote oil and gas sites. Sites communicate securely into the cloud with no need for a local server. Access rights can be tweaked remotely to approve site visitors and remote validation of visitors is facilitated by a QR code scanner or IP-based card reader.

AccessXpert interoperates with Schneider’s SmartStruxure system for enhanced building efficiency and performance with support for the BACnet building automation and control protocol. Despite its cloud credentials, the solution is currently only available in North America.

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