Compressor Controls’ PI system good for 400k events/sec

TrainView LNG turbomachinery control system tracks vibration and shaft orbit eccentricity.

Compressor Controls Corporation is to embed OSIsoft’s PI system in its TrainView II turbomachinery control system helping mitigate process disturbances, cut cost, and identify maintenance issues. CCC, a Roper Technologies unit, supplies turbomachinery control solutions to upstream, midstream and downstream companies where they are used to control LNG chilling and distribution. Previously it was up to CCC’s customers to keep tabs on the equipment vibration and shaft orbit data. Now TrainView’s PI system captures up to 400,000 events per second for high performance vibration diagnostics in real time.

The system consolidates current and historical data management into a single platform, enabling users to improve preventative maintenance, accelerate root-cause detection and cut analysis time and costs. Founded in 1974, CCC reports that more than 10,000 turbomachinery trains worldwide are powered by its control solutions.

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