Katalyst adds interpretation data management to iGlass

Repsol shows how the KDM ProjectDataStor has rationalized PPDM-based seismic data.

Katalyst Data Management (KDM) has added interpretation data management to iGlass, its PPDM-based data management solution. The new KDM ProjectDataStor supports interpretation project and metadata archival in an ‘end-to-end’ hosted offering. iGlass comprises a web-based, Esri map interface and a PPDM 3.8 backend.

iGlass was cited in a recent PPDM presentation by Repsol’s Cindy Cummings who observed that hitherto, industry has never agreed on a standard for a unique survey identifier. While the PPDM data model can accommodate many seismic data types, often different data components are not managed as a single group making for complex real world workflows.

KDM has followed the PPDM model as closely as possible when developing the iGlass database and much has been learned by its staff. Katalyst will feature iGlass and the ProjectDataStor module at the PNEC Data Management Conference in Houston next month and at the Vienna EAGE in June.

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