National Oilwell Varco announces IoT for BOPs

RigSentry monitors blowout preventer integrity over ‘Max' industrial internet platform.

National Oilwell Varco has announced RigSentry, a remote condition monitoring service providing real time analysis of subsea blowout preventer health. The new predictive capability is expected to give customers insights into probable BOP performance issues with a prediction horizon of approximately 14 days.

NOV analyzed some 14 years of historical sensor data and maintenance logs, adding expert knowledge gleaned from the company’s 60 year history of designing, testing and manufacturing BOPs. Rig-Sentry is claimed to identify the specific point of failure and alert customers earlier than was previously possible.

The system runs on to op NOV’s ‘Max’ industrial data collection platform. NOV president and CEO Clay Williams said, ‘Big data’s potential in condition monitoring and predictive analytics will change the way we support, maintain and design our equipment.’

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