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PIDX field ticket best practice. OGC and ASTM team. Cloud Standards Customer Council publishes IoT architecture. IOGP releases EPSG developer’s guide. OGC’s common database RFC.

The PIDX business processes work group has approved the field ticket best practice guideline document for upstream operators and suppliers. The next step is a vote in the standards committee and final approval from the executive committee. PIDX is working on a pilot implementation to automate field ticket data capture, to document efficiencies and to leverage internet of things technology to exchange invoices.

ASTM International and the Open Geospatial Consortium are to jointly develop standards, best practices, and other tools to support the geospatial industry, with an initial focus on point cloud data. The collaboration will cover data acquisition and dissemination, location-based services, and unmanned/autonomous navigation.

The Object Management Group-sponsored Cloud Standards Customer Council has published the cloud customer architecture for the internet of things.

The IOGP has published the EPSG registry developer guide a.k.a. IOGP 373-7-3, geomatics guidance note number 7, part 3. The document is intended to help users of the EPSG’s application programming interface to develop applications that retrieve entities and attributes from the EPSG dataset.

The Open Geospatial Consortium is requesting public comment on its common data base (CDB) candidate standard, an ‘open format and encoding for the storage, access and modification of a representation of the natural and built environment for simulation applications.’ The CDB embeds commercial and simulation data formats in widespread use in industry. Data in the CDB is tailored for real-time applications. The CDB storage model supports applications in which inter-connected simulators share a common view of the simulated environment. Comments close May 27, 2016.

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