IRMS rolls-out valve integrity management software

New ‘VIMS’ software and services offering from Independent Risk Management Systems.

Delft, Netherlands-headquartered pipeline repair specialist IRMS* has announced a new software and service offering for pipeline valve integrity assurance. According to IRMS, industry data on valve integrity and maintenance is poorly analyzed. Enter IRMS’ valve integrity management solution, ‘Vims.’

IRMS general manager David Obatolu said, ‘We see many valve problems arise that could have been avoided with a methodical data review of the pipeline system. Vims software and our review process provides operators with a straightforward way of monitoring all aspects of their valves.’

The process starts with an audit of the number and condition of installed valves. Audit data is logged and analyzed before capture into the operator’s existing MRO systems and processes. Data can be benchmarked according to valve type, location and reliability. The standardized approach leverages ‘solid risk and reliability engineering’ and is claimed to support informed decisions on inspection plans and repairs.

* Independent risk management systems BV.

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