Baker Hughes first to join operational integrity program

Wollam Petroleum Advisory Group’s ‘ROIP’ builds on API Q2 quality management standard.

Baker Hughes is the first oilfield service company to enroll in Wollam Petroleum Advisory Group’s Gulf of Mexico regional operational integrity program (ROIP). The ROIP, which was jointly developed by Baker Hughes and Wollam, sets out to ‘drive consistency, service quality and risk mitigation across operations.’

ROIP builds on the API Q2 standard from the American Petroleum Institute. Q2, a.k.a. a ‘Specification for quality management system requirements for service supply organization for the petroleum and natural gas industries,’ was first released in December 2011. The standard specifies the requirements of a quality management system for an organization to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide services that meet customer, legal, and other applicable requirements.

The Wollam ROIP extends Q2 with region specific considerations for risk mitigation throughout the local supply chain. Controls include risk assessment, contingency planning, service design, quality plans and performance validation. Steve Ellison, VP quality with Baker Hughes said, ‘Our responsibility as an industry is to get things right first time. Moving the industry toward safer, more reliable operations requires that all aspects of quality programs are interrelated and consistent.’ More on the ROIP from Wollam. The Q2 standard is available at a cost of $80 from the API.

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