Tessella powers BP’s Well Advisor

Analytics engine and business analysts helped extend SiteCom-based drilling system.

UK-based analytics specialist Tessella (now a subsidiary of France’s Altran) has reported on its involvement in the development of BP’s Well Advisor (BPWA). The BPWA integrates data with predictive tools, processes and expertise. Tessalla’s analytics are embedded in the tool to ensure that operations are efficient. The BPWA gives advanced warning of potential drilling issues such as stuck pipe. During development, Tessella’s business analysts acted as proxies for BP’s subject matter experts to help figure out what information was needed. Kongsberg was also involved in the development as provider of the underlying SiteCom platform. A bespoke extension to Energistics’ Witsml data transfer format was developed to handle make-up torque assessment data.

First trialed in Azerbaijan, BPWA is now live on ten rigs. Over 170 runs have been completed using the casing running console in the country. BP’s Mark Mundo reports that BPWA has saved the company $200 million by reducing non-productive time.

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