DigitalGlobe uses Software AG’s cloud-based API repository

CentraSite WebMethods API gives custom access to high resolution earth imagery.

DigitalGlobe is to offer users of its high resolution earth observation imagery programmatic access to its data via Software AG’s WebMethods API*. DigitalGlobe provides some 4 billion square kilometers of coverage (98% of the earth), much at 30cm resolution.

Software AG’s digital business platform has been used internally by DigitalGlobe for five years under the leadership of Steve Miller, DigitalGlobe’s manager of enterprise integration. Miller’s team relies on the platform for integration, message routing, process management and service virtualization. Having transformed DigitalGlobes’s IT, Miller is now reported to be ‘excited’ about what can be done next with APIs. DigitalGlobe’s clients can now access and integrate high-quality imagery into their business operations and applications.

Once a service is ready for deployment, developers can offer users ‘right button click’ access to services hosted on CentraSite, Software AG’s API catalog and registry. Miller added, ‘The new API/cloud capabilities, which include the hosting and integration of consistent, scalable APIs, mean that we can these services to our partners.’

* Application programming interface.

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