Cyber security round-up

SafePass Pro. Securing the C-Suite. Insider threat advisory. DeltaV secured. NISTIR cyber standard.

Harris CapRock has announced SafePass Pro, a cyber security solution for oil and gas comprising a firewall, 24/7 network monitoring and preventive threat protection. The tool enforces acceptable use and security policies and helps assess and eliminate network vulnerabilities.

The IBM Institute for Business Value has published a free, 20 page guide to ‘Securing the C-suite.’ While 65% of execs believe that their cyber security is OK, only 17% can demonstrate the highest level of preparedness and half think there is a 25% chance of a breach occurring that would have a material impact on their organization. Despite the title, the guide is actually about raising the profile of cybersecurity to boardroom level rather than the risks posed by powerful individuals and BYOD.

A new insider threat advisory service from Montréal-headquartered CGI, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute delivers strategy advice and implementation services to address cybersecurity threats from trusted insiders, such as current employees, contractors or business partners. The program helps organizations analyze and correlate disparate data sources to uncover potential risks and threats using ‘sophisticated methodologies’ and also creates a governance model for ongoing program management. The SEI-approved program was originally developed for the US National industrial security program operating manual (Nispom).

Emerson Process Management’s DeltaV distributed control system has passed the IEC 62443-2-4-based Achilles practices certification for cybersecurity. GE’s Wurldtech cybersecurity unit performed the audit. DeltaV will now undergo Wurldtech’s annual recertification.

An interagency report on Strategic US government engagement in international cybersecurity standardization, Nistir 8074, sets out strategic objectives for cyber-security and makes recommendations on how to achieve them.

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