OspreyData’s Hadoop for the upstream

CTO Al Brown blogs on HortonWorks-based ‘agile’ big data solution for oil and gas.

Hortonworks technology partner OspreyData CTO Al Brown blogged recently about the role of ‘agile big data analytics solutions’ in oil and gas. Brown focuses on unplanned interruptions to production, a ‘$100 billion/year problem.’ With oil prices at near historic lows, production interruptions cannot be allowed to further erode margins.

Without saying which ones, Brown reports that oil and gas companies are already using big data technologies, such as the combined Hortonworks/OspreyData solution, to reduce the risk of unplanned interruptions. Today, analysis is performed by operators who may have hundreds of wells in their charge, and a workload that limits their ability to intervene proactively. Analysis takes months and may cover only a fraction of the data.

Enter OspreyData’s packaged Hadoop-based oil and gas application for production optimization and preventative maintenance. This captures streams of data generated by surface and downhole equipment, providing visibility into operations and pinpointing potential points of failure. The system embeds ‘best in class’ field practices to predict and prevent failure. All running on a modern data architecture with enterprise services for security, operations, and governance.

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