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IBM has announced ‘Quarks,’ open source connectivity to IBM’s ‘Streams’ Internet of Things.

V 17.0 of Ansys’ engineering simulator brings a 10x speedup and advances in full physics modeling and multi-domain 3-D meshes. The new release adds native support for the Modelica mechanical and fluid flow modeling language. Scalability to a reported 129,000 compute cores is reported.

Allegro has released ‘Horizon,’ a next generation commodity management solution for traders. Horizon promises trading position visibility, risk mitigation, financial controls and improved compliance reporting.

A new version of Esri’s ArcGIS full motion video adds new video file formats and allows users to display moving video frames on a georeferenced map. A rapid report generator supports information

Blue Marble Geo’s Global Mapper 17.1 adds a perpendicular profiling tool for creating lateral cross-sectional views of terrain or point cloud, improved grids and geospatial PDF export.

The 2015 R2 release of CGG GeoConsulting’s Tellus global exploration database includes palinspastic world maps created with Robertson’s Plate Wizard deformable tectonic model and Merlin+ source and reservoir facies predictor.

R 6.1 of Energy Solutions PipelineOptimizer adds batch plan import from PipelineScheduler, a new linear viscosity model and intuitive trend and profile graphing. The new release adds HTTPS security and more pivot table options.

The latest release of Kappa Engineering’s Citrine adds a common browser for all modules. Kappa also announced the imminent release of Kappa Workstation with the ‘Generation 5’ update of Saphir NL, Topaze NL and Rubis.

Lasser has updated its LPD program with online database updates, new well symbology for Google Earth function and new calculation and reporting options.

MicroSeismic has announced PIndex, DIndex and Production Forecast, quantitative and predictive completions evaluation services for early well appraisal from microseismic monitoring of fracking.

Midland Valley has added new modules to Move2016. Fault analysis provides quantitative analysis of fault throw, juxtaposition and seal through geological time. Fault response modelling applies boundary element modelling to simulate fault displacement and geomechanical analysis of neighboring fracture systems.

Nutech’s new data intelligence portal, NuQuest, was unveiled at the February NAPE Summit in Houston. NuQuest provides access to well data and reservoir characterization and engineering expertise for hundreds of thousands of wells in worldwide shale and conventional plays.

P97 Networks has released V 2.0 of its flagship PetroZone app on Windows 10. The mobile commerce app leverage’s Microsoft Azure service bus to deliver a mobile payment and digital marketing capability to the fuel and convenience store industry.

Paradigm has extended its ‘high definition’ workflows in the Paradigm 15.5 release with more automation, tighter product integration, and expanded third-party connectivity. The new release brings memory-efficient multi-survey flattening, multi-volume attribute extraction and blending and on-the-fly computation of QC attributes. Paradigm also announced an update to its Sysdrill well construction toolset with support for the NOAA high definition geomagnetic model for well surveying and the SPE ISCWSA Rev 4 error model. Sysdrill is now also localized to Russian and Chinese.

Pegasus Vertex has announced a new casing design tool, CDEx that uses an industry-accepted physics model to capture complex drilling conditions and assure accurate calculations of burst, collapse, tension, bending, buckling, compression and temperature effects. PVI also announced the imminent release of its CleanMax wellbore cleanup software.

Quorum has released ‘MyQuorum,’ a ‘persona-based’ front end to its suite of energy applications. MyQuorum combines dynamic workflows, business intelligence, reporting and data from Quorum and non-Quorum applications. Personae can be customized with Qmposer a cross-platform GUI design tool.

Read has launched a new downhole micro-leak detection solution combining GE Oil & Gas’ NTO acoustic noise tool and Read’s leak detection service line. The solution creates a detailed map of downhole acoustic energy which Read combines with flow and temperature measurements to achieve precise location of leak sites.

Siemens’ new VPE1400 software for Ruggedcom RX1400 router enables users to run their own Linux operating system and applications on the RX1400 at the network ‘edge.’

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