Headwave and GeoScale team on geoengineering workflows

Alliance addresses co-visualization and analysis of cross domain reservoir datasets.

Headwave and GeoScale have announced a strategic alliance to work on novel geoengineering workflows that will enable co-visualization of large seismic, microseismic, reservoir, geomechanical and engineering datasets. The collaboration, which combines Headwave’s high-performance geocomputing platform with GeoScale’s patented reservoir modeling and geomechanical software, targets both unconventional, fractured and conventional deep-water reservoirs. Last year GeoScale president Elan Yogeswaren was awarded a patent for a method of calibrating a geomechanical reservoir simulator using multicomponent time-lapse seismic measurements. The technique involves comparison of baseline and subsequent repeat seismic surveys and extracting time delays using four dimensional ‘Clifford algebra.’

The deal with Headwave adds high-end computing and visualization platform tuned to pre-stack seismic data analysis to GeoScale’s applications. For shale, new workflows will improve targeting of sweet spots and optimize completions. In deep water plays, the partners aim to improve drilling, completion and reservoir decisions by using geomechanical models of the subsurface to predict pressure, stress and rock properties. More from Headwave.

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