ExxonMobil, Hunting team on autonomous downhole tools

Deal with Titan unit to develop high-end perforating and pipe cutting devices.

ExxonMobil’s upstream research unit has signed a joint development agreement with Hunting’s Titan division to develop ‘autonomous tools,’ i.e. robots, for well construction and workover. Delivery of the first commercial tools is expected to take ‘a few years’ with an initial focus on perforating and pipe cutting devices. Hunting’s Titan division specializes in wireline and tubing conveyed perforating gun systems, hardware and accessories, shaped charges and logging tools.

Development of the tools will combine Hunting’s tool development and manufacturing capabilities and ExxonMobil’s autonomous tools technology and expertise in on-board navigation. The system will eliminate the need for communications with the surface. When the device reaches target depth, the automatic system will perform designated actions. The system is expected to reduce the time required to perform multiple operations during drilling, completion, workover and abandonment.

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