Datum360 survey of engineers

Engineering software boutique finds ‘too many formats’, 'inconsistent, incomplete information.'

UK-based engineering data software boutique Datum360 recently quizzed webinar participants as to the most significant issues in engineering information handling. Respondents reported that there are too many data formats and that information is inconsistent or incomplete. Project modifications mean that data requires ‘consolidation’ after handover. Missing or inaccurate data is a primary cause of production downtime and safety related issues. Some reported that their organizations had a ‘limited or basic specification’ for information handover or, in some cases none at all!

Enter Datum360’s cloud-based CLS360 class library and PIM360 plant information platform. The class library relates manufacturers equipment codes and tag numbers with detailed specification of attributes and documentation. The library is ‘aligned with’ standards such as ISO 15926 and ISO 14224 but Datum 260 appears to prefer pragmatism over standards fetishism. Datum 360’s client list includes Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Total. Recent deployments are reported from BP’s Azerbaijan. BP’s Farah Mizrajanova said, ‘We now have one central approach to collecting data which has significantly increased operational efficiency and saved us time and money. Our team was operational in under two weeks.’

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