Redeye’s engineering data management solution

CEO argues that the downturn is the time for business transformation.

Redeye CEO, co-founder and blogger-in-chief Wayne Gerard believes that low oil prices are, or should be, driving productivity and businesses transformation. Brisbane, Australia-based Redeye’s engineering document management solution can help oil companies slash operating and maintenance costs by shifting data management to the cloud.

Today’s GIS, CAD and project software was not designed for data management which makes sharing engineering data difficult. They encourage local copies of data, duplication and uncertainty as to which version is current. Gerard claims that such issues are ‘often the root cause of safety incidents, project and maintenance mistakes which cost companies a lot.’ RedEye’s engineering drawing and data management solution for owner operators is a ‘quick win’ for operators with most achieving payback period within 3-6 months and making ‘real bottom line savings in year one.’

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