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The 2015 R2 release of Tecplot RS reservoir simulation post processor adds one-click sum and averaging of variables along grid columns and rapid multi variable cross plots of the time history of grid variables at user-selected cells.

Oklahoma-based FieldSavvy has announced an eponymous IOS and Android app to streamline communications between operators and oilfield service companies.

A new release of EnergyIQ’s Trusted data manager adds session management of data load and batch processing of directional survey data. Tweaks to the log dictionary and classification schema allows logs to be grouped under a parent log class. Performance has been enhanced ‘across the board.’

IT Vizion has announced VizionOE, a metric management system that consolidates, centralizes and simplifies business and operational indicators. VizionOE provides impact-weighted monitoring of target deviations and limit excursions across a wide variety of inputs and data at different volumes and velocities.

Intelligent data caching in V 17.7 of Petrosys’ eponymous mapping package delivers an up to 10x performance hike. The new release adds on-the-fly contouring, improvements to depth conversion and velocity grid data management and an enhanced 3D GUI.

Ikon Science’s RokDoc 6.3 now provides a complete 1D-3D environment to integrate log and seismic data for reservoir characterization and rock physics. The release adds new 3D visualization, 3D tools, inversions and geomechanics for ‘safe and efficient’ well planning, including assessing the potential for fault reactivation.

BOP Technologies has announced ‘CirBop’ a next generation ‘super-shear’ blowout preventer that will ‘shear, seal and control anything in a wellbore’ even if the rig loses power or hydraulics.

Assai Software Services has announced AssaiMobile, providing access to engineering documents and drawings from any mobile device.

The 7.4 release of Paradigm’s Geolog formation evaluation suite calculates reservoir flow properties from log data and extends third-party connectivity with a link to Petrel 2015. A new geomechanical module supports wellbore integrity assessment. Geolog’s pore pressure prediction functionality is now available in a single integrated workflow.

The latest (2.1) release of Aveva Everything3D brings enhanced functionality for PointCloud data with management and display of laser data directly on drawings, facilitating interaction with 3D models.

Calsep has announced PVTsim Nova 2.0, now available in 32 and 64 bit editions with new flash models and multiple simulation additions and enhancements.

In a move to ‘accelerate a shift to open source,’ EMC Corp. has announced RackHD, a ‘platform-agnostic’ technology stack for managing and orchestrating server and network resources at scale.

Energy Solutions has announced PipelineStudio R 4.0 with a new parametric study management tool. The ‘long awaited’ user-defined logic function is now available for complex simulation control in Python or PowerShell scripts.

A new version of IFS Field Service Management includes a mobile client for Windows 10, options for deployment in the IFS Managed Cloud on Microsoft Azure and several predefined ‘lobbies,’ tailored interfaces for service managers, logistics, financials and other specializations.

V 12.2 of Caesar Systems PetroVR speeds Monte Carlo runs with multi-core operations and adds user-defined graphs of simulations. Probability distributions can now be used as Oracle FML functions or Excel inputs.

From July 2016 GeoTeric will no longer support its OpenSpirit link. The links to Petrel and DecisionSpace stay.

Geovariances has announced an Isatis plug in for Landmark’s DecisionSpace.

Release 4.4 of INT’s GeoToolkit C++ library of cross platform visualization components includes support for Qt 5, VisualStudio .NET 2013, LAS 3.0 and DLIS log format support and other enhancements.

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