Step-up your data management game

Pat Ryan advises shale and Sagd operators to improve long reach well location data management.

Speaking at a recent lunch and learn session of the Calgary geoscience data managers society, Pat Ryan (Noah Consulting) offered advice on ‘stepping up your game’ in the management of well location data. Prior to retirement from Nexen in 2013, Ryan was involved with corporate well data management and remains an active player in Ppdm.

Today’s unconventional well geometries (Sagd* and shale) are ‘catalysts for change’ and are forcing companies look more closely at their surface location and wellbore positioning data management. Complex, dense pad drilling, well pairs and horizontal wells are the new normal. Accurate 3D well positioning is needed for collision avoidance and reservoir optimization. Data is used more sophisticatedly with cross discipline demands for real-time data, data integration visualization and analytics. Regulatory, HS&E requirements are increasing and all of the above needs to be achieved in the economic downturn with the need to do more with less.

Location data sets are rather intimidating. Managing them across the business is equally fraught. Ryan proposes a set of data management best practices including developing a skilled well data management team and a data governance organization, a balance pf people process and technology. Read our interview with Pat Ryan on page 3 of this issue and visit the Ppdm ‘What is a well’ initiative.

* Steam-assisted gravity drainage.

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