OpendTect V6.0

dGB takes the gloves off, positions OpendTect as 'competitive’ interpretation system.

dGB has officially launched OpendTect Pro claiming it as the seismic interpretation platform with the ‘highest return on investment and the perfect answer to cost saving in the low price environment.’ dGB President and co-founder Paul de Groot said, ‘OpendTect, our open source flagship, is used by thousands of academic and commercial users for data visualization, attribute analysis and as a platform for special workflows. Although basic interpretation tools have been available for some time, we have not as yet positioned OpendTect as a competitive interpretation system. With the launch of OpendTect Pro all this will change. Pro targets all interpreters. Generalists will enjoy the much improved conventional workflows while specialists will continue to enjoy the sophisticated tools available in the commercial plugins.’

OpendTect Pro is delivered as a commercial layer on top of the free OpendTect base software. The tool provides data interaction with Petrel, PDF-3D file sharing, base mapping and ray-tracing for AVO analysis. One new commercial plugin from dGB provides faults and fractures attributes and edge preserving smoothing filters, as well as tools for extracting fault planes and ‘un-faulting’ seismic volumes. The base Pro package costs €1,600 and can be extended by renting or purchasing additional commercial plugins.

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