Software gives Greenlight to BOPs

OTC and Hecate Software team on new pressure testing, compliance and reporting solution.

Offshore Technical Compliance (OTC) and Hecate Software have released Greenlight, a new equipment pressure testing and compliance/reporting package. Greenlight supports a wide variety of pressure tests on blow out preventers (BOP) and other units with user-friendly interface that allows for annotation and analysis. Founded in 2007, OTC provides compliance-related services including inspections, competency assessments and training. Hecate has been developing predictive digital BOP pressure test routines along with a range of oil and gas applications since 1984.

OTC CEO Mike Bethea said, ‘Greenlight removes the subjectivity associated with charting and the test results are backed by our staff of registered petroleum engineers and compliance experts, creating a unique resource for our clients and operators.’

Greenlight produces an uninterrupted, secure and transparent digital record of testing activity from start to finish. For BOP testing, a set of low and high pressure analytical routines provide real time high definition digital output. The tool received BSEE* approval in October 2015 for low and high pressure BOP tests. OTC provides demonstrations, end user training and 24/7 support.

* Bureau of safety and environmental enforcement.

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