Sintef revamps Matlab reservoir simulation toolbox

Open source Matlab code library includes large scale CO2 injection and storage functionality.

The computational geosciences group at Norway’s Sintef ICT R&D organization has released a new version of its Matlab reservoir simulation toolbox (MRST). MRST is an open-source framework for rapid prototyping of reservoir models and computational methods written in Matlab. MRST provides support for grids, petrophysical data and incompressible fluid models. The tool provides routines for manipulating boundary conditions, sources/sinks, well models and reservoir state and unit conversion. MRST includes scripts and utilities for reading Eclipse input decks.

New functions in the release include interactive tools for defining and analyzing large-scale CO2 injection scenarios and estimating storage capacities, new features for optimizing well rates in aquifer-wide, multi-well CO2 storage scenarios.

MRST is released under the open source GNU general public license but requires a commercial edition of Matlab. Sintef is also releasing results and code from its open (source) porous media project with backing from Statoil. Concomitant with the new MRST release is an updated edition of the MRST user guide, an extraordinarily detailed publication which we will be reviewing in a future issue of Oil IT Journal.

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