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Roxar RMS 10, Sintef Matlab reservoir simulation toolbox, Tecplot RS, ExproSoft WellMaster, Schneider Electric RefineryWise, Aggreko’s genny, CGG GeoSoftware HampsonRussell, GE Field Agent, IFS Business Connector, Seven Lakes Joyn for oil and gas, Kepware KEPServerEX, OpendTect Petrel plugin, PetroVR 2017, PHDWin 2.10, Ikon Science RokDoc/Ji-Fi, Pegasus Vertex CemLife/PlugPro, Quorum Land Canada, Streamsim StudioSL/3DSL. Schlumberger Olga 2016.1.

The new RMS 10 release from Emerson’s Roxar unit adds support for ‘big loop,’ seismic to simulation workflows, decision-support tools for reservoir management and increased user productivity.

The 2016b edition of MRST, the Matlab reservoir simulation toolbox is a free download from Norway’s Sintef R&D establishment. Read the release notes here.

The Tecplot RS 2016 R2 release includes a new quick load option and macro debugger. Other new features include the ability to read nearest neighbor connections from Eclipse .init files, and the support by generic ASCII data files for network connections, connection lists, and nodes.

ExproSoft has announced WellMaster, a cloud-based simulator that helps operators predict well interventions, downtime and lifecycle costs. The solution combines RAM Studio from Miriam, which Exprosoft acquired recently, with the WellMaster RMS equipment reliability database.

Schneider Electric has rolled out RefineryWise that provides refiners with greater visibility into ‘contextualized, actionable data,’ from the process automation layer through the enterprise business system layer and from crude feed planning to final product blending. The solution combines a portfolio of applications and an extensible application integration framework.

Aggreko’s oil country electricity generators are controlled in the field only generate power when it is needed, saving ‘up to 65%’ in fuel costs. A battery control kit synchronizes stop and start with programmable logic controls, tank level switches or thermostat contacts. The system is designed for artificial lift systems, midstream pumping stations and de-watering facilities.

CGG GeoSoftware has released HampsonRussell 10.2 with new features for attribute extraction and prediction along horizontal wells and improved geostatistics. Key features include new data conditioning processes, residual NMO correction and FXY deconvolution for noise attenuation and spectral balancing. A new MapPredict application provides geostatistical mapping of well, seismic and attribute data. CGG has also updated its other interpretation tools with ‘significant’ updates to InsightEarth 3.1, Jason 9.6, PowerLog 9.6, EarthModel FT 9.6 and VelPro 9.6.

GE has just published a brochure describing its new industrial internet control systems that herald Field Agent/Predix-powered ‘user-defined intelligent apps.

IFS has released the IoT Business Connector to ‘de-risk and accelerate’ IoT initiatives in areas such as predictive maintenance, service management, asset management and manufacturing. The Connector provides plug-and-play connectivity with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and provides an open API to connect into other platforms or applications.

Seven Lakes has announced Joyn for oil and gas, a workflow integration platform with out-of-the box solutions for field data gathering, production, financials, reserves and regulatory compliance. Joyn is said harnesses the power of big data, machine learning, cloud computing and mobile technologies.

Kepware has announced V6 of its KEPServerEX industrial connectivity platform with enhancements to the core server, new remote configuration and localization for German and Japanese markets.

OpendTect has just released a new Petrel plugin which provides direct access to Petrel 2016 data. The plugin requires OpendTect Pro V 6.0.4 or higher.

PetroVR 2017, a.k.a. V 13.1 adds interoperability with a range of industry standards including Peep, Palantir, JSON and Excel. The new release also adds international characters and ISO 8601 timestamps. Updates are now secured with a SHA256 hash.

PHDWin 2.10 now ships with a new models maintenance application for enhanced file management. Models can be drag-and-dropped from one file to another and edited in Excel.

The 6.4 release of Ikon Science’s RokDoc focuses on stability, usability and performance. A LAS log loader speeds analysis of large well data sets. RokDok Ji-Fi’s MPI performance enhancement option optimizes the use of available cluster computing capacity. Usability enhancements to RokDoc 3D and Ji-Fi, include support for non-linear rock physics depth trends and non-contiguous seismic data.

Pegasus Vertex’ CemLife analyzes the cement integrity in the context of dynamically changing pressure and temperature conditions. CemLife predicts cement sheath failures caused by compression, traction and micro-annulus. Sensitivity analysis shows the relative impact of different parameters on slurry optimization. Watch the video here! PVI has also released PlugPro, a cement plug placement model that calculates under-displacement volumes and optimizes fluid volumes to balance slurry and spacer levels after pull out of the hole.

Quorum has announced new land management software for the Canadian market. Quorum Land Canada is the result of a joint development effort between Quorum and an Western Canadian upstream operator.

The latest release of Streamsim’s StudioSL/3DSL v2016.1212 can now compute remaining fluids in place for surveillance models. 3DSL does this by applying classic material balance to time-varying, streamline-based patterns. More in SPE paper 185713.

The 2016.1 release of Schlumberger’s Olga dynamic multiphase flow simulator now includes a risk management and optimization workflow with all Olga licenses. Slugs and rheology simulation is improved and particle transport has been added and connectivity enhanced.

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