Roxar announces Python API for reservoir modelers

'Extensibility solution’ for upstream workflow development builds cross-discipline apps.

Emerson Automation Solutions’ Roxar unit has announced a new application programming interface and ‘extensibility solution’ for reservoir modelers. The Python-based API allows users to customize their reservoir modeling workflows, adding their own intellectual property ‘smarts’ and leveraging RMS project data. Roxar VP Kjetil Fagervik said, ‘Previously, reservoir modeling has been a fragmented and proprietary-dominated process with a lack of flexibility and interoperability. Vital data was overlooked if it didn’t fit into the workflow. The API opens lets users build innovative geoscience, reservoir engineering and oilfield technology applications and add company-specific goals to generic workflows.’

A Python Job functionality allows scripts to be saved and repurposed for use in other workflows. The API can also be used to build customized, standalone ‘Roxar apps’ that share project data and models with RMS. Apps can be proprietary, commercial or open and shared within the organization or with the wider community of Roxar users and developers. More on the API from Roxar and in our interview with Roxar in next month’s Oil IT Journal.

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