EnergyIQ targets upstream data automation

'Rendezvous’ meet up hears from users and from developers on software QA.

Mike Skeffington, VP business development and blogger in chief, has posted highlights from EnergyIQ’s annual ‘Rendezvous’ user meeting held last month in Houston. Skeffington observes that most companies have reduced staff and are unlikely ever to return to the staffing levels of pre-2014. Hence EnergyIQ’s focus on data automation. New functionality in the flagship TDM data management system addresses the management of data ‘events,’ enabling workflow automation and addressing data quality issues.

Four clients presented on their use of TDM, Concho Resources on integrating and well data in TDM, BP on blending DrillingInfo and IHS data sources, Laredo Energy on the use of Spotfire as a front end to TDM and Marathon Oil, which provided an update on its corporate well master database.

Internally, EnergyIQ reports increased use of agile development techniques to assure its software quality. Here, QA professionals participate in ‘story development’ alongside product managers and developers. The approach is claimed to have improved mutual understanding of product changes and lowered the cost of software defects by catching them as early as possible. An application-wide automated ‘smoke test’ was developed using Watir’s web application test suite with code written in Ruby. Further testing is performed with the RestUI suite and DBfit. Read the blog here.

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