Synopsis SimpleWare for Repsol

ScanIP-based tool underpins digital petrophysics workflows.

In a recent webinar, Repsol’s Carlos Santos showed how its digital petrophysics workflow is producing ‘meaningful inputs’ for rock typing and reservoir characterization. The webinar was hosted by Simpleware, developer of ScanIP, a tool for processing and visualizing 3D scanned images from MRI, computer tomography and more. Digital rock characterization is ‘breakthrough technology’ for Repsol allowing high resolution scans to be turned into realistic rock images in ‘a fraction of the cost and time’ of traditional methods. The approach also works on samples that would not be considered suitable for lab testing.

The workflow spans acquisition with X-ray micro-tomography, image enhancement, solid and pore phase separation and meshed pore space representation, morphometric interpretation and absolute permeability numerical simulation with finite element analysis. ScanIP offers video recording features and options to export segmented models to CAD systems and to 3D printers. More from Synopsis.

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