The Castrol Brain, BP’s chatbot

Pioneering artificial intelligence app for BP’s mariners taste of things to come.

An article in BP Magazine describes the use of artificial intelligence in BP. AI is real and is ‘taking over the agenda in many industries’ according to Dan Walker, who leads BP’s emerging technology team. ‘In the near future, there will be sensors with connectivity everywhere, recording data as often as you want and constantly creating new datasets.’

‘Using AI we’ll be able to combine data on flow rates, pressure and equipment vibration with data from the natural environment to transform the way we operate.’ Much oil and gas activity involves computer science problems that are amenable to AI. BP’s Castrol Brain is a ‘pioneering’ AI tool that is initially trained to answer marine customers’ technical questions. The Brain learns and improves its answers the more it is used. AI could also optimize well design, improve equipment reliability and maintenance.

Paul Stone, IT principal consultant added ‘We are currently in the early stages of exploring the area of advanced AI and cognitive computing, looking at where they will have the most immediate impact. We are considering trials to demonstrate the value.’

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