Hot swapping control systems

CIMA Canada’s Tempus appliance supports uninterrupted, live control systems upgrade.

A white paper from Cima Canada offers advice on the live migration of control systems. Authors David Findlay and Ian Verhappen observe that 80% of the world’s process control systems are over 20 years old and need replacement. Shutting a system down completely while it is rebuilt is impractical. Instead, Cima proposes a new standard for control system migration, leveraging its Tempus applicance. Tempus deploys an electrically certified, specialized temporary hardware installation that facilitates all the wiring from one control system to another, without disrupting the signals. Once the new control system is operating the plant, the tool is removed, leaving a new and well-organized control system.

Tempus avoids disruption to control signals and assures that there is no loss of signal to either the old or new systems during migration. Full live commissioning of the new program/logic eliminates the requirement for plant shutdowns. The non vendor-specific solution works with ‘any platform, from any supplier.’

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