Safety first

BP on well safety software. CSB 5 year plan. IOGP 2015 record, WEC charter. SPE safety report.

At the SPE Intelligent Energy conference in Aberdeen earlier this year, BP presented a paper on risk based management of safety-related well software. BP used the IEC 61508 functional safety standard as a framework and distinguishes ‘safety critical’ from ‘safety related’ software. BP has audited its well placing, casing design and well control software for gap analysis. A ‘Rapid’ analysis helped identify owners and perform a risk ‘bowtie’ analysis. At the end of the day, software risk is important but less so than the underlying data quality.

The US Chemical safety board has just published its 5 year strategy plan looking out to 2021. The organization is to focus its efforts on ‘high impact’ incidents likely to provide widely implementable recommendations.

The IOGP has just published its report on 2015 safety performance indicators. The report enumerates some 33 accidents that resulted in fatalities or near-misses with a brief description of what went wrong and needs to be done to avoid a repeat occurrence. IOGP has also published a report from its Well control incidents subcommittee. The WEC’s updated charter has learning from incidents at its core and focuses on root causes of well control events in a post Macondo world. Sign up here for the IOGP’ safety alerts. See also the IOGP’s Report 476 on well control training and certification.

The SPE has just published a technical report on ‘Assessing the processes, tools, and value of sharing and learning from offshore E&P safety related data.’

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