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International Foundation for Information Technology, DNV GL, NAOEMC, Petrotechnical Data Systems, Energistics, PODS, PPDM, CO-LaN.

The International Foundation for Information Technology has rolled out a prototype knowledge management body of knowledge website. This site is machine generated using IFIT’s ‘data driven synthesis technology and Nounz compiler.

DNV GL has kicked off the North American offshore equipment manufacturers’ committee (Naoemc), to ‘establish expectations and align industry for future offshore equipment manufacturing.’

Petrotechnical Data Systems has open-sourced its Witsml/ETP solutions. PDS Witsml Server can be used on the rig or in the cloud to gather and store drilling data and enable data exchange. PDS Witsml Studio desktop allows user to query any compliant Witsml 1.4.1 or 1.3.1 server and connect to an ETP 1.1 data producer.

PODS Lite, a subset of the Pipeline open data association’s ‘next gen’ pipeline data model is now available free of charge. The Lite release is provided in Esri geodatabase format and is intended to showcase the complete next gen model scheduled for release in 2018 (and which will be only be available to members).

PPDM reports progress on its regulatory data standards committee which now has support from regulators in Canada (Alberta and Saskatchewan), the US (Bureau of land management and Michigan) and Australia.

Total has withdrawn from the CO-LaN/CAPE-Open standards body. CTO Philippe Baptiste stated that interest in CAPE-Open has waned over recent years. CO-LaN expressed regrets at the departure.

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