Done deals

NOV/Fjords Processing. Premier Oilfield Labs/MUD Geochemical. Pure Technologies/E-MAC Corrosion. RS Energy/NavPort. Software AG/Zementis. ESIA/JSI Services. BJ Services. Automic/CA Technologies. EPI Group/PDF. Cognizant/Frontica. Rockwell/ACP.

NOV has acquired Fjords Processing. Fjords’ project design, management and aftermarket support will combine with NOV’s global organization.

Premier Oilfield Labs has acquired MUD Geochemical. MUD brings a ‘progressive big data approach’ to subsurface analysis.

Calgary-based Pure Technologies is acquiring the business and related assets of E-MAC Corrosion for $4.6 million in cash and paper.

RS Energy Group (Calgary) has acquired completion and production data specialist NavPort. The acquisition follows a majority investment in RSEG by private equity company Warburg Pincus.

Software AG has acquires artificial intelligence boutique Zementis whose ‘adaptive decision and predictive analytics’ become a component of SAG’s internet of things/Industrie 4.0 offering. SAG has made ‘multiple’ IoT deals of late, including strategic alliances with Bosch, Dell and Cumulocity.

Energy Software Intelligence Analytics has signed an ‘exclusive licensing agreement’ with JSI Services, adding international upstream acquisition and divestment research to its portfolio. This includes Hannon Westwood, Richmond Energy Partners, Novas Consulting, and Douglas Westwood. ESIA ‘continues to seek businesses offering intelligence, analytical software solutions and technical insights into the energy industry.’

Baker Hughes, CSL Capital Management and Goldman Sachs’ West Street Energy Partners unit have set up a new hydraulic fracking company under the BJ Services brand.

Investment house EQT VI is selling business automation software provider Automic to CA Technologies in a €600 million deal. Automic’s ONE Automation platform automates business processes and IT infrastructure ‘regardless of architecture, complexity and location.’ Clients include Bosch, eBay, ExxonMobil and GE.

London-based EPI Group has acquired oil and gas geoscience consultancy P.D.F. Ltd.

Cognizant has acquired the technology and business process services unit of Frontica from Akastor in a 1 billion NOK transaction.

Rockwell Automation has acquired Automation Control Products.

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