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Geomodeling’s AttributeStudio V7.7 includes seismic-derived reservoir property prediction and sweet-spot mapping for horizontal wells.

KBC Advanced Technologies has announced Petro-Sim 6.1. The hydrocarbon process simulator’s ‘open and extensible’ platform provides developers with access to the Petro-Sim database.

New Century Software’s Spatial Risk Analyst 3.0 now offers a workflow-driven GUI, improved model building and support for larger models.

R6.2 of Industrial Defender’s Automation systems management (ASM) solution includes new widgets for control systems monitoring and management.

IFS Applications release 9 includes an in-memory capability, enhanced process visualization and support for rental management.

The 3.05 release of Detechtion TechnologiesEnalysis compression optimization and fleet management solution tracks equipment failures and root causes, calculating and classifying downtime as scheduled or unscheduled.

Emerson Process Management’s OpenEnterprise v3.2 adds a Hart/WirelessHart native interface to its AMS Device Manager asset management software. Users can access and manage devices in wide-area scada networks.

A new edition of Exprosoft’s WellMaster integrity management system (IMS) includes ‘ground-breaking’ functionality providing in-depth knowledge of the overall risk picture and integration with the ‘reliability’ sister application RMS.

Schneider Electric/InvensysPipePhase 9.8 network flow modeler includes upgrades to data interfaces with Olga, CMG Stars and GEM. Other tweaks include Excel-based data entry of pipeline profile and wellbore data input, UOM reporting and conversion and more.

Sercel has ‘launched’ a new underwater positioning solution GeoTag, a general purpose acoustic positioning solution for seabed seismic acquisition. GeoTag functions in water depths of up to 500 meters.

RockEye has announced RockLib, a seismic library visualization and indexing utility that scans network discs for SEG-Y files at 15Gb/min speed. Data is presented in a map view and metadata extraction allows for direct import to Petrel, Kingdom and other interpretation suites.

RSI and Rose & Associates have upgraded SAAM, their seismic amplitude analysis system which now includes a controlled source electromagnetic module.

SimSci has released a new edition of its Visual Flare modeler for oil & gas, refining and petrochemical flare stack modeling. The issue adds support for Dippr data.

Visuray’s VR90 X-ray wireline tool performs downhole imaging of wells filled with opaque fluid.

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