AGU announces data management maturity program

American Geophysical Union uses CMMI Institute methodology to preserve earth data heritage.

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has recently issued a position statement to affirm that, ‘Earth and space science data are a world heritage. Taking proper care of such data is our responsibility and our obligation to future generations.

Multiple data sets from satellites, sensors and measurements are ‘increasingly critical for the integrity of published research and for fueling new discoveries.’ Trusted data repositories, institutions, and facilities provide the best care for such data but, as scientific data grows in volume and complexity, these facilities are facing challenges. These include curating research data, ensuring quality across repositories and helping researchers collect and organize data through its life cycle.

The answer is good data management. To achieve this the AGU is working with CMMI Institute to develop a data management maturity framework and best practices for managing earth and space science data. Results from the program applied to the USGS’ ScienceBase will be presented at the upcoming AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco.

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