Synectics surveillance technology protects new build LNG carriers

COEX camera stations and Synergy software monitor decks and critical infrastructure.

UK-based surveillance specialist Synectics has contracts for the provision of integrated surveillance solutions for three oil and gas vessels under construction for the Asia Pacific market. Synectics’ technology comprises ‘Coex’ camera stations and Synergy 3 software and is designed to protect assets, processes and people in oil and gas environments.

The latest deployment involves two Korea-built LNG carriers which deploy camera stations and microphones to monitor mooring space, cargo manifolds, deck operations, and vessel-critical infrastructure such as the boiler, motor and compressor rooms. Over 60 COEX camera stations will also be deployed on a non-propelled floating LNG vessel to monitor production storage and offloading areas.

Synergy, Synectics’ software platform provides a command and control station and data management. The Synergy ‘open’ platform integrates with third party systems.

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