EnerKnol energy market regulation software

US energy policy data specialist’s 8-dimensional search recognized at White House Datapalooza!

New York-based US energy policy data specialist EnerKnol has rolled out a new edition of its energy regulation management software. EnerKnol 2.0 tracks information and policy developments that help hedge risk and identify opportunities in energy markets. The system provides customizable alerts and streamlined access to policy information.

EnerKnol’s data cloud includes over 4 million filings from energy-related federal agencies, regional transmission operators, independent system operators, public utility commissions, state agencies, federal and state legislation, and local municipalities, ‘among others!’ .

EnerKnol 2.0 was developed in collaboration with EnerKnol’s early adopter working group, an industry consortium that includes GDF Suez (now Engie) and Xcel Energy. New in V2.0 is an innovative 8 dimensional search platform for individualized policy portfolio creation. Last year EnerKnol was invited to the White House’s energy ‘Datapalooza’ event, celebrating innovative use of ‘open’ government data.

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