OSIsoft EU User Group, Prague

PI as ‘go to’ tool for real time enterprise. PI big data edition. Shell’s smart solutions platform.

Stephen Kwan’s presentation at the EU user group in Prague last month made it clear that OSIsoft now positions its PI system flagship as the ‘go to’ tool for the realtime/process enterprise. Kwan showed how PI, as well as capturing real time data in its traditional historian role, is now ‘delivering future data’ with predictive analytics. PI Data Archive 2015 allows forecasts to be captured in the historian and used to update models and predictions.

Such functionality overlaps with the big data movement, the subject of Martin Otterson’s presentation. This focused on the new PI Integrator a.k.a. the ‘big data edition’ with connectors for Hadoop, Cloudera and Hortonworks coming ‘real soon now!’ In the interim, the key connector links PI with SAP Hana in what OSIsoft like to call IT/OT convergence.

John de Koning provided an informative look into Shell Global Solutions’ move from a complex software landscape to a highly rationalized software line up built on an enterprise service layer - a.k.a. the Smart solutions platform. The SSP leverages PI components throughout from synchronized PI ‘super collectives’ up through the stack to Coresight. The latter is deployed in Microsoft Sharepoint alongside Telerik’s Kendo HTML 5/JavaScript GUI. As Shell has previously reported, Microsoft’s Odata standard is also leveraged.

Most a propos for the upstream was Mark Hughes’ presentation on data complexity and connectivity. Hughes announced new connectors for OPC UA and Energistics Witsml and a novel software as a service offering running in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. An alternative data warehouse architecture envisioned a data lake from Oracle, Teradata or Microsoft. Finally, in 2016 V3.0 of PI Coresight is set to subsume the functionality of PI Process Book and Web Parts in what may be a welcome rationalization of the burgeoning portfolio. Read the presentations here.

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