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New API frack standards. Open Group IT4IT 2.0. OMG IDL4 adopted, new CISQ coding standards.

The API has issued new editions of its technical standards for fracking, ANSI/API RP 100-1 and 100-2. The new standards provide detailed specifications for pressure containment and well integrity, as well as environmental safeguards, including groundwater protection, waste management, emissions reduction, site planning, and worker training. The release follows last year’s publication of ANSI/API Bulletin 100-3, which covers community engagement guidelines. The API is also to take over ANGA, the America’s natural gas alliance, a shale gas lobby group founded in 2009. ANGA will become a new API division led by Marty Durbin. Last year the API spent $9 million on lobbying, ANGA ‘only’ $1.4 million.

The Open Group has released V2.0 of its IT4IT reference architecture and ‘value chain-based operating model for managing the business of IT.’ The reference architecture supports cloud-sourcing, ‘agile,’ DevOps and service brokering. IT4IT complements existing methodologies such as ITIL, CoBIT, SAFe, and TOGAF with a data perspective and information model.

The Object Management Group has adopted the Interface definition language submission. IDL4 provides a language-independent description of a software component’s interface to allow for communication between software components developed in different languages. The OMG has also released CISQ standards for the measurement of source code reliability, performance and maintainability. Another protocol, Essence 1.1 is a high level tool to help engineers evaluate different methodologies.

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