Software AG - agile processes for oil and gas

New solution for shale fluids management. Predictive analytics and IoT add-ons to Apama.

Darmstadt, Germany headquartered Software AG argues that oil and gas companies need more ‘agile’ processes in the current ‘volatile’ price environment. Agile processes that leverage SAG’s WebMethods are the way to contain costs and eliminate waste.

A new industry solution brief for energy and natural resources provides a roadmap for companies planning for agility. SAG’s agile processes for Oil and Gas solution offers tools to discover and reengineer business processes. Models are run under different inputs to identify variances between designed and executed processes. Historical data can be analyzed to pinpoint inefficiencies and to ‘discover how and why processes operate as they do.’ Process re-engineering and management tools are then used to prioritize the reengineering effort.

SAG technology underpins a tight oil and gas fluids supply management solution developed for the North American shale market. SAG for shale brings real-time insights into fluid supply and demand status, on-site, ordered and in-transit volumes and monitoring of injection, flowback and disposal. The system integrates with ERP and order management systems for automatic reordering, logistics, payment and regulatory reporting.

In a separate announcement, SAG has added predictive analytics and new internet of things capability to its Apama streaming analytics a.k.a. complex event processing platform. Apama release 9.9 offers on premise or cloud deployment including support for Docker containers. SAG claims over 200 Apama deployments in Fortune 500 companies.

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