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Alan Cohen has joined Headwave as strategic advisor.

Ryan Lance (ConocoPhillips) is chairman of the board of the American Petroleum Institute. Greg Garland (Phillips 66) heads-up the finance committee.

Scott Rowe is the new Cameron president and CEO, succeeding retiree Jack Moore.

Laura Owen is CEO of Check-6. James Weynand joins as chief revenue officer.

Gilles Cochevelou has been named chief digital officer of Total.

Dancy Dynamics is re-branding as Making Waves Marketing, adding expertise in marine technology and renewable energy.

DPTS has changed its name to OvationData.

Rob Thomas is CIO and VP Information Technology at Kosmos Energy. He hails from Exco Resources.

Alastair Marsh is the new CEO at Lloyd’s Register. Mary Waldner takes his old position of CFO.

Enable Midstream Partners has promoted Rodney Sailor to president and CEO.

IO Oil & Gas Consulting has hired Chris Freeman as director of field development. Other new hires include Robert Dickson (projects), Graham Inman (ops), Tim Highfield (facilities) and Philip Howe (subsea).

GeoMark is now IDS’ exclusive agent for the Egyptian market.

Texas Railroad commission chairman David Porter has started a year long term as vice chairman of the US Interstate oil and gas compact commission.

Peter Hausknecht is now chief scientist at satellite imagery specialist Earth–I.

Jeffrey Allen has joined Navigator Energy Services as CFO and senior VP.

Following the retirement of Robert Biolchini, PennWell has named Mark Wilmoth as president and CEO.

Lesley Evans, Brian Boulmay and Jeremy Eade have been elected to the PPDM board.

Tom Berquist is now CFO at Tibco. He hails from Saba Software.

Robin Watson succeeds retiree Bob Keiller as CEO of Wood Group.

Ralph LaRossa (PG&E) is chairman of the American Gas Association board for 2016.

Mark Walker is now GeoTeric VP, Americas. He hails from ION.

Nina Hargus is now chief marketing officer of EMC Information Infrastructure.

Mack Asrat has been named senior VP and CFO of SGI following Bob Nikl’s retirement.

Francis Neill is the new Ziebel CEO.

Mitchell Ingram is executive VP, Global LNG with Anadarko.

James Tomlinson heads-up Rock Solid Images’ new office and technical hub in Sheffield, UK.

Hisham Atalla is general manager of the Zahid Group/Total joint venture, Saudi Total.

Karl Johnsen is now SVP and CFO with Aspen Technology.

Prith Banerjee is now CTO with Schneider Electric. He hails from Accenture.

Seven Lakes Technologies has named Jim Schulte as chief revenue officer, John Pitstick as CFO, Sowmya Murthy as CMO and Bret Wiener as CTO.


In our report from the 2015 ECIM conference (N° 8 2015) we wrongly placed the Taranaki basin in Japan. It is in New Zealand. Thanks to Duncan Irving for putting us right.

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