ConocoPhillips’ geoscience software, instrumented wells

Major reveals software choices. Legacy Ventures uses fiber to 'unravel’ shale mysteries.

The Q3 2015 issue of ConocoPhillips Spirit magazine includes an article describing the company’s geoscience and engineering software revamp. This began in 2010 with a global upgrading to Landmark’s R5000 interpretation software and database. The program ran for two years, involving IT and petro-technical professionals in ten countries.

The next step was the deployment of Ikon Science’s RocDoc rock physics and pore pressure tools for deepwater, Perigon’s iPoint for digital core analysis and management (especially for unconventionals) and Schlumberger’s TechLog.

In 2013, Landmark’s DecisionSpace was deployed along with an infrastructure refresh to boost power and bandwidth. A global licensing deal for Schlumberger’s Petrel and Eclipse reservoir simulators was signed in 2014 and OpenIT’s technology was implemented to reduce licensing costs.

Another article in the same issue of Spirit describes how Conoco, with help from consultant Bruce Smith of Legacy Energy Ventures is ‘unraveling’ unconventional reservoir mysteries with various instrumented wells projects. Conoco’s Technology & Projects unit has been using fiber optic, real time monitoring of fracture performance to optimize completion design and well spacing.

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