LMKR updates Geographix, rolls out new Gverse suite

New digital oilfield toolset embeds quantitative interpretation by Lumina Geophysical.

LMKR has launched ‘Gverse,’ a suite of geoscience and engineering applications that target workflow optimization and productivity. Gverse is inter-operable with third party geoscience software and is claimed to speed interpretation time. LMKR has partnered with quantitative interpretation boutique Lumina to improve geoscience data interpretation and data integration.

LMKR CEO Atif Rais Khan told Oil IT Journal, ‘Gverse is a completely new modern suite of tools for the digital oilfield. They are tightly integrated with third party tools and run on Windows 10.’

Gverse enables rapid database to database exchange, visualization and streamlined workflows that ‘maximize data value while reducing costs.’

LMKR also recently released the 2015 edition of the Geographix interpretation suite. Halliburton has extended the distribution rights it granted to LMKR in 2010 for another two years until mid 2017 at which point the agreement will terminate. LMKR will retain the rights to service current licensees at that time.

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