DepthInsight’s ‘enormous’ modeling capability

16 trillion cell geomodeling capability, database and API from Chinese GridWorld developer.

Beijing GridWorld Software Technology has challenged the geo-modeling world with a 16 trillion cell structural model on display at the SPE ATCE. Gridworld’s model covers 1,900 kmē and includes over 100,000 wells.
The ‘DepthInsight Enormous Modeling Platform’ is claimed to have ‘no scale or resolution limitations.’ The ‘consistent, coherent and evolutionary’ model is formed by a ‘seamless merging of sub models,’ any part of which can be extended, updated or exported to other applications.

Model ‘fragments’ can be built piecemeal and stored in a database for subsequent update. Fragments can be created at different times and scales and assembled as required. DepthInsight supports both orthogonal and Pebi* gridding. Arbitrary cross sections and contour surfaces can be exracted from the database. GridWorld’s modeling technology has been embedded in BGP’s GeoEast interpretation system. An application programming interface is available for developers. Checkout the DepthInsight video and visit GridWorld.
* Perpendicular bisector.

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