Oil country big data wheeling and dealing

Noah, Seven Lakes, Maana, Navport, Halliburton, Accenture step up with analytics offerings.

This month sees new teamings of service providers seeking to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to various oil and gas data challenges.

Noah Consulting recently announced a big data hook up with Seven Lakes Technologies whose Well lifecycle manager and analytics solutions help companies prioritize wells for intervention.

Industrial big data specialist Maana has entered the fray with the onboarding of former Chevron executive, Peter Breunig. Maana’s ‘big-data-fueled solution’ is to be applied to oil’s massive data sets in the search for improved operational efficiencies. Maana investors include Chevron, ConocoPhillips, GE and Intel.

Houston-based NavPort is leading a ‘data revolution’ in unconventional oil and gas with the launch of NavPort Analytics, a suite of data and analytic and business intelligence solutions.

Speaking at the recent fall PIDX meet, Robello Samuel unveiled Halliburton’s Internet of things for the oil rig. This is delivered as a special edition of DecisionSpace adapted to Cisco’s ‘FOG’-nodes for use in ‘at-the-edge’ computing. A downhole ‘X-FOG’ framework is poetically described as ‘deep edge’ computing.

Finally having deployed IBM Watson (OITJ Vol 20 N°6), Woodside is going for big data broke with help from Accenture to implement predictive analytics for maintenance and process-control across LNG assets.

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