BP’s production data streams into Amazon cloud

Hosted edition of GE Predix a.k.a. the ‘industrial internet' replaces legacy ‘Isis’ system.

Last month we wondered (aloud) if GE was hosting BP’s production data in the cloud. We now have it on good authority that this is indeed the case. Production data from BP’s North Sea fields is streamed into an instance of GE’s Predix ‘Industrial Internet’ application running on Amazon’s ‘elastic compute’ cloud in Dublin. Connectivity and privacy is assured by the use of Amazon web services (AWS) ‘direct connect’, a 10 Gbps private network link to the cloud.

The cloud solution is the consecration of several years of BP’s Field of the Future program, in particular its ‘Isis’ integrated surveillance information system (Oil ITJ Jan 2007). For GE, the deal is groundbreaking as it sees one of the first deployments of its software in the cloud.

Isis and Predix have now fused into BP’s Production Management Advisor, a ‘cross functional’ real time system that ‘ensures the best operational decisions are made.’ For GE, the PMA represents some $4.75 million of software and services in its initial North Sea deployment. The contract was won following a proof of concept demo. Along with its monitoring function, PMA serves as system of record for well test, pressure transient analysis, completions and alerts. The deal also reflects a big win for GE in that its Proficy historian has displaced BP’s OSIsoft PI System. Total, ConocoPhillips and Statoil are also Predix users.

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