ECCMA’s Peter Benson on material safety datasheets

Director argues for regulatory backing for e-commerce standards.

Writing in the September 2015 issue of the ECCMA newsletter, executive director Peter Benson argues for regulatory pressure to promote industry e-commerce standards. The ISO 22745 (eOTD-r-XML) standard for material safety data sheets (MSDS), is used by large buyers of chemical products to streamline the supply chain and enhance safety.

While it is possible to convert manufacturers’ formats to the XML standard, it would be better if suppliers provided their own specifications in the format. To make this happen and to ensure safe and secure movement of product requires regulation.

One ECCMA member has already succeeded in persuading its government to adopt the standard and others are developing mandatory national technical specification templates which will be published in the ECCMA catalog template library (eDRR). ECCMA will also be working with local agencies to assist national manufacturers in the creation and registration of their standardized technical specifications.

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