Cybersec round-up

Cimation for Shell. Aramco ‘foils’ hackers. Atos/Radware DDoS mitigation. Forrester on OPM hack.

Shell has selected Cimation to provide industrial cybersecurity consulting, network engineering, endpoint remediation and system hardening for its process control IT in a global program to standardize cybersec technology and processes. Cimation’s consultants will work on the multi-year program in collaboration with other Shell suppliers. Cimation previously worked with Shell to develop an industrial cybersecurity professional certification.

A report in the Houston Chronicle’s Fuelfix minisite has it that Aramco foiled a fraud attempt involving scammers pretending to work for India’s state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Aramco’s statement followed an Indian Express newspaper report that claimed that the company had paid $30 million to fraudsters who spoofed an ONGC email address.

Atos has partnered with Radware to launch a cloud-based denial of service mitigation solution, adding Radware’s Defense Pipe into Atos’ cybersecurity portfolio. DDoS attacks are cheap and simple to launch and require little expertise. They may be used to distract security resources during more sophisticated attempts to breach critical systems. The service deploys local appliances for rapid reaction to intrusions and cloud technologies to provide scalable defense against volumetric attacks.

Forrester Research’s report on the hack of the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) concludes that compliance to regulations such as the Federal information security management act is not enough to protect confidential data. While OPM adhered to the guidelines, an audit noted security concerns including a lack of valid authorizations. Projects lacked a consistent security approach as well as adequate staff or funding.

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