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CEN updates quality management standards. API’s new frac protocol. PPDM - ‘compliance with teeth.’ ISO updates greenhouse gas reporting.

The EU standards body CEN has adopted revised editions of its international standards for management systems. Two (EN ISO 9000 and EN ISO 9001) cover quality management systems while a third (EN ISO 14001) addresses environmental management. The standards are claimed to improve company performance, productivity and efficiency and to save costs, energy and reduce waste.

The American Petroleum Institute has published new versions of its standards for hydraulic fracturing. The two new standards cover pressure containment and well integrity, as well as environmental safeguards, including groundwater protection, waste management, emissions reduction and worker training. The standards should be used in conjunction with the ANSI/API Bulletin 100-3 that provides guidelines for community engagement to help operators communicate effectively with local residents and ‘pursue mutual goals for community growth.’

PPDM has announced a charter for a new ‘Compliance with teeth’ work group. The work group sets out to codify the core best practices that are used in deployment of the data model. Consensus-based best practices should help accelerate data model uptake and help different implementations communicate with each other. Success will be measured based on the ability of participating implementations to use the data in a compliant PPDM implementation ‘out of the box.’

ISO is updating its range of standards that are claimed to help organizations mitigate their impact on the environment. Amongst these is the ISO 14064 family for greenhouse gas emissions. Review of ISO 14064-1 and ISO 14064-2 has reached Committee Draft stage, leaving two months for vote and comments. The revision should be complete by April 2016.

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