PIDX Projects update

Standards body reports progress on industry standard data sheets project.

Speaking at the 2015 PIDX Fall Conference in Houston this month, Roger Bhalla, who chairs the strategic initiatives committee, reported progress on the Industry standard datasheets and definitions (ISSD). This program sets out to provide a practical, standardized way to build, maintain, exchange and use datasheet-related information, based on existing datasheets. The program will validate the standardized set of machine readable records to that it will support full lifecycle information migration from design, through construction, operational handover and on to decommission.

PIDX is working to define what ‘full lifecycle’ datasheets are needed for each industry specific document set along with which data elements are required for each sheet. PIDX is also to facilitate mapping from datasheet elements and the internal formats used by owner/operators, EPCs and equipment manufacturers. More from PIDX.

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