Kappa releases new edition of Dynamic data analysis

700 page free handbook includes new chapter on unconventional evaluation.

The latest edition of Kappa Engineering’s handbook of Dynamic data analysis (DDA), a 700 page free resource that can be downloaded from the Kappa website, includes as new chapter on unconventional resources. The handbook is not specific to Kappa’s tools and should be useful to well-test operators, students and researchers alike.

The 70 page chapter on unconventionals provides an authoritative analysis of the evolving state of the art of evaluating these extremely low permeability reservoirs. DDA’s authors emphasize the relatively short time frame of current shale production that contrasts with very long transients required for modelers. DDA provides an in depth discussion and analysis of current research on the physics and evaluation techniques of shale.

A discussion of commonly used decline curve analysis techniques (Arps, power law, Duong ..) includes a warning that none of them corresponds to reservoir engineering theory. Simple and advanced modeling approaches are presented along with Kappa’s own workflow.

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