Schlumberger flaunts new data solution at ECIM

Last year’s loser in the Diskos tender shows off fancy new 'WorldMap’ data management system.

As if to say ‘see what you are missing’ Tim Hollis unveiled Schlumberger’s new WorldMap system at ECIM. WorldMap, rather like Diskos, offers access to seismic, well and production data. Schlumberger was one of the big losers in the latest Diskos tender.

Unlike Diskos, WorldMap does not house data, rather it is a window into third party data providers such as DrillingInfo, Geofacets, DigitalGlobe and more. WorldMap makes particular use of the SpatialOnDemand window into the DigitalGlobe/SpatialEnergy mapping resource.

WorldMap provides a GIS interface to original format data, along with tools for QC and load into applications. Geoprocessing functionality allows for spatial filtering such that well data can be constrained to particular area of investigation. Other queries can restrict data to wells with specific log types or depths. Right click pulls up metadata and hyperlinks give access to additional web-based documentation. WorldMap’s tag line is ‘Make existing subscriptions work for you.’

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